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February 23, 2013

Number sixty nine! Lol, sixty nine… XD

So Andrew had slept over last night to finish and memorize our script for the Language Fair, but we never actually memorized the script. So we sort of had to do that in the morning. It was pretty high stress, but we got it down at the very end.

The Language Fair was fun. Our skit went pretty well, but, being the horrible performer that I am, I forgot a line. There was only one other J3 skit, however, so hopefully the results are good! The Kanji Bee was fun, and Joe and Alonso did pretty well, getting third and second respectively. A very fun time.

Volleyball today was super intense. It was our first official practice of the season, and I was playing *really* well. The whole team is definitely starting to shape up for the season, which is really exciting. Our coach have us our team shoes and team shirts as well, which are all super nice.

I came home, and for the rest of the night, played League. I bought a new champion who is very hard to use but is also very good, so that’s pretty sweet. We lost most of our games because we’re all playing as new people, but we still had fun.

Her and I texted each other throughout the day, which was nice. It’s starting to become a norm to the point where she’ll actually text first, which is super awesome. She was telling me about all of the drama in the freshman class. Holy heck is there a ton.

So that was what happened to Jack on February 23, 2013!

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